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Wednesday, March 10, 2004


(Not quite in the Hix Nix Stix Pix class, but, hey!)

The Susan Moeller study that I mentioned yesterday is still on my To Read list.

Meanwhile, William Jackson in E&P today weighs in with criticism of the New York Times on its handling of the matter - not, I think, singling out the Times as particularly bad, but rather using it as an example of general practice.

He kicks off with the Chalabi WMD intel kiss-off - my piece of February 21, suggesting NIH or embarrassment over past Chalabi-rimming as a reason. He loses points for not pointing out that the hack concerned was Con Coughlin who, a cursory search here will reveal, has a significant record of journalistic shortcoming.

He also cites the March 6 piece by Douglas Jehl on how USG pre-war ignored intelligence suggesting Saddam had no WMD left as failing to recognise the beam in the Gray Lady's eye (quote is from Jehl):
"...The agencies and the administration cited only reports from informants who supported the view that Iraq possessed so-called weapons of mass destruction." In essence, was this not a frequent practice at the Times?

Ombud Daniel Okrent's statute of limitations against matters which arose before his arrival is rather unhelpful on the issue...

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