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Sunday, March 14, 2004

Dem hypocrisy on FCC, drugs, you name it - blame the people

Pieces from Jim Henley and Matthew Yglesias (and again) deal with the bizarre mental knots that Democratic supporters tie themselves into.

Following for some months here the issue of California's prisons - and the union racket that runs them (and most of the politicians in the state, too), and the hysterical legislative reaction to the Jackson tit floppage, whilst observing the Dem boy scouts having fun over at Kos and Atrios, playing their high school clique games (what about them Deaniacs...) and now salivating over polls and swing districts, the contrast has been little less than staggering.

It's a compartmentalisation that Bill Clinton would thoroughly approve of. Franklin Roosevelt would, too: as a close associate of organized crime himself, of course, he would not balk at being snapped with CCPOA capo Mike Jimenez. So long as his boys kept their violin cases out of sight. (Stack them on his wheelchair, why not?)

But - as some of the commenters to the pieces linked point out - the people ultimately to blame are the American people. Give a hint of having gone soft on drugs, or TV censorship, and you're inviting crucifixion from the soccer moms.

One of C Northcote Parkinson's lesser Laws runs (something like) that a committee will devote attention to the issues on its agenda in inverse proportion to their relative importance.

(Thus a complex refinancing proposal will be readily approved but new car parking arrangements will take hours to resolve.)

The reason: members don't understand the important issues, are frightened of showing their ignorance, do not wish to make a lone stand one way or the other (in case it goes wrong), but nevertheless feel the need to justify their existence by making some kind of contribution to proceedings.

Voters don't understand Iraq or ethanol or Medicare: but a beige bristol on the box? That, they can handle.

As it were...


Even what I take to be the level-headed Dana Priest (I am biased) was pleased to deliver herself of a post-Super Bowl bitch (my February 14 piece).

It's not quite like If I've lost Cronkite. But it's an indication of the intensity of the prevalent lunacy. For Nancy Pelosi and Co, the percentage play was clearly the synchronised Kyle's Mom impersonation.

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