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Saturday, March 27, 2004

Cecile DuBois keeps it up

Much to my surprise and delight. She first surfaced her (February 1) as an apparent victim of one of those sub-zero-tolerance PC nonsenses, valiantly fighting her corner. It later (February 13 - a Friday!) dawned on your humble and obtuse blogger than Ms DuBois was not as other teen girl journalers; but virtually General Secretary of the Blogosphere Youth Wing.

Politically, she appears to be somewhat to the right of Genghis Khan [1]: Wolfowitz and Perle are fluffy bunnies by comparison.

But it's the domestic comments which shine. As, for instance, her latest offering:
My classmate...brought her journal to class today. She predicted what everyone would be doing by our twentieth high school reunion....

"Did you write about me?" I asked, as she seemed to have written about us all in a few detailed pages.

"Ah yes. Let me see..." she said, looking at as if it were a report card or grade summary.

"Oh I remember! You come back successful and famous--but we don't know how you are that way. You're successful in some mysterious way..."

" a mad doctor?" I joked. She laughed, echoing the idea.

She shrugged at the mystery of me. I'm not that terribly close to her, but she was writing a book a year ago and is very intuitive.

Well mysterious, yes. I do this blog and 99% of the school doesn't know about it. And successful, maybe. I exert my energies outside of the school, and am not a dynamo kid. My classmate seems to sense that.

She indulged my ego this morning. I like her...

She is such a sweet unpredictable person. At Sunday School she talks about her job at Teenline where she heroically talks derelict psychotic teens out of suicide, or advise knocked up girls where to abort or call for help...

For a writer with a gift for humour - to patently not care, and not come off a bitch about it - strange that in none of the several photos of her on the site do we see her smile...

  1. I suspect she would approve his rewrite of the National Security Strategy.

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