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Friday, March 19, 2004

The Bono fuck: the FCC reverses itself. A cunning Powell plan?

The state of the art is currently to be found at Corante - the analysis of the FCC reversal of the decision on Bono's Golden Globes - as the Comstock Commission puts it - F-word is the place to start.

(Link via Jeff Jarvis who, as noted before, is covering the waterfront on FCC censorship.)

That the decision on indecency was going to be reversed was inescapable. The wild card is the decision to bring back profanity into play.

Druther of the day? Sonny Boy Powell is like Dad: he likes to play with the rough boys, but disapproves of them mightily.

Reviving profanity is Powell painting a target on the back of the FCC, inviting the ACLU, Uncle Tom Cobbley and all to have a go.

But will a second-term Bush have packed the Supremes with social conservatives by the time the case reaches them?


The FCC decision on the Bono fuck is here (PDF); that the FCC have made a policy decision to come out swinging is confirmed by other decisions issued with the Bono one (all PDF):
  • Capstar (subsidiary of Clear Channel) for supposed sounds of an actual or apparent sex act on WAVM Stuart, FL and WCZR Vero Beach on May 31 2002.

  • Infinity for a delightful interlude [1] from a performer at a rap concert, The Last Damn Show, broadcast live on WLLD Holmes Beach FL on September 11 1999.

  • Infinity for the Howard Stern broadcast on WKRK Detroit on July 26 2001 (the transcript attached features a character billed as Male Cast Member. You really couldn't make this stuff up!)

Whilst laying down URLs to hand, I have Reno v ACLU and Ashcroft v ACLU.

The current round of Ashcroft v ACLU - the return of the case remanded to the Third Circuit by the Supremes first time up - was argued before the US Supreme Court on March 3 - it's No. 03-218.

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