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Wednesday, March 24, 2004

Bilbo and FDR: a serendipitous anecdote

There are a deal of oral history transcripts online, without a special search facility to mine them.

Mr Google will turn one or two up - but seldom what you're looking for!

As with this transcript of a 1976 interview with Mississippian Jesse Boyce Holleman - a guy in state politics after the War (in which he had got badly shot up).

It has a fair amount about Theodore Bilbo: starting with him meeting Bilbo and being shown a telegram the old nigger-baiter had sent to Franklin Roosevelt:
'Good God'," said the woodchuck when the owl hit him, Mississippi's stronger than ever before.
and FDR's letter in reply:
I received your little telegram, and I enjoyed it very much. I keep it on my desk here in the White House, and many visitors to the office have remarked about it and enjoyed it, too. I thank you for remembering me. Sincerely, Your Friend, Franklin Delano Roosevelt. P.S. Even Eleanor enjoyed it.

Holleman points out that Bilbo and Eleanor loathed one another.
But Franklin Roosevelt always had that sense of humor.

There's also a Hugo Black story - a guy called Holmes was nominated to the Fifth Circuit who had put Bilbo in jail (why?) and Black voted for him, leaving Bilbo miffed! - and a good deal else.

(Holleman also suggests that television destroyed Earl Long - how true that is, I know not.)

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