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Tuesday, March 30, 2004

Big Media is unlinked - another dismal example

Looking at Campaign Desk, I see that Thomas Lang has a piece praising the LA Times for an article explaining the precedents on Presidential advisers testifying before Congress.


The Times piece makes reference to
A 2002 study by the nonpartisan Congressional Research Service [which] found 20 instances in which presidential advisors summoned by Congress had testified and five in which the White House had refused requests.

Even better.

Except the wretched rag fails to give a link to the CRS report in question.

Now, once upon a time, CRS reports were available on the site of Rep Mark Green. But they are there no longer. We peasants must scavenge for them on various sites [1]. You'd have thought that Times - in such an excellent report - would have given us a bit of a hand.

Not even the damned title!

Fortunately, it does identify one of the advisors involved as Mr Copy/Paste himself, Zbigniew Brzezinski...

I can therefore reveal (!) that the work in question is Presidential Advisers' Testimony Before Congressional Committees: A Brief Overview dated April 5 2002 (RL31351), available on the FAS site (PDF).

There are regularly pieces from bloggers like J-guru Jay Rosen, and articles in the CJR, OJR, AJR and elsewhere, on the Brave New World of media, with new gizmos, new ways of production, marketing and what not: but here is a tiny way of putting to good use the basic functionality of hyperlinking to help readers to a greater understanding of the story.

And - nada.

  1. The Memory Hole has some reports, and links to other sites also with copies online.

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