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Sunday, March 07, 2004

BBC post-Hutton cringe worsens. Really.

If one can believe a piece in the Observer today. (Comes with the super-strength British Sunday journalism health warning, natch.):
The makers of BBC satire and comedy shows are being forced to fill in checklists to warn managers whether the contents of their programmes are likely to be offensive.

I hear a cartoon screech of brakes: when exactly, you rightly ask, was this checklist introduced?
earlier this year

And the guilty man, Mark Byford, is the Boneless Wonder temporarily in charge (for want of a better of expression) of the Corporation, who uttered the immortal expression
Mostly right isn't good enough for the BBC.

Perhaps the comedy checklist is an example of pre-emptive cringing?

The signs of restlessness with apologetic BBC management amongst the journalists are growing.

I suspect that not much will change until the new Chairman is appointed: perhaps a Tory Vicar of Bray, with the nous to take a dive and make it look good.

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