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Friday, March 26, 2004

Anti-abortion wedge bill passes Senate...

...on Roll Call 63.

Of the 99 Senators voting, 13 Dems approved the bill, HR 1997, including Minority Leader Tom Daschle.

(No details for the roll call on the Dianne Feinstein amendment (defeated) [1], which was designed to achieve the goal of the bill without defining the fetus as human life [2].)

The non-voter wasn't Kerry: he's recorded as voting No. (The Note says he was due to be in Washington all day.)

  1. Ctrl + F on SA 2856 here - the printer-friendly version - it's a temporary URL....

  2. Trace back from my February 27 piece for details of the technique being employed by the anti-abortionists. Makes less mess than offing doctors, and will quite possibly be more effective.

    The equivalent to the Feinstein amendment was introduced in the House by Rep Zoe Lofgren. It was defeated, of course.

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