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Friday, March 26, 2004

Another Times guy wait-listed for the treatment

One unsportsmanlike pleb, a certain Sasha Issenberg, down at Philadelphia magazine (April 2004 issue) has resorted to the sordid and underhand practice of actual journalism to uncover the feet of clay of New York Times op-ed lifestyle guru David Brooks.

Apparently, Brooks March 6 column [1] begins:
We're so full of it.

Issenberg would agree, if the plural were made singular.

Brooks, he finds, is a guy who deals in à peu près - who doesn't let the facts get in the way of a witty generalisation.

And when Issenberg phones the guy (stones of stone!) to run by him some of the discrepancies he's found between Brooks' version and his own findings, the great man is defensive.

A cat may look at a queen; and no doubt Brooks will fabulise on regardless of chi-iking from minnows like Issenberg.

Relevance? Times ombud Daniel Okrent has acknowledged that op-ed accuracy is on his to-do list. Perhaps Brooks may find himself a target of opportunity. Lifestyle may be an easier sell than WMD when it comes to selecting scapegoats.

  1. It's behind the pay-wall. Best place for it, I suspect.

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