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Monday, March 01, 2004

American history boring? How do they manage that?

As will be evident from the briefest look-around here, I'm a sucker for it.

It's one of those zillions of American Paradoxes that, for such a young country, it lives so much in the past. (The Manifest Destiny boys from PNAC spring straight to mind, for some reason!) And what a past!

Surely one could amply fill an entire four years of college with material related to the Civil War alone?

American schools get their history homogenised, sieved for offensive material [1], and served up in pavement-slab-sized tomes - Joanne Jacobs links to an analysis of the best history textbooks on offer. Really desperate stuff.

Meanwhile, the death of Daniel Boorstin reminds one of how American history can be written.

The piece says that
He became librarian of Congress in 1975 over the opposition of the Congressional Black Caucus, which opposed his stands against affirmative action and attacks on student radicals during the 1960s.

Strangely, I find I like the guy even more...

  1. Offensive to categories worked by the grievance-meisters, that is.

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