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Tuesday, March 09, 2004

After the permafrosted Kerry MIA affair, Bush and the Harken Energy 'insider trading' affair

A piece at Body and Soul, sparked by a Boston Globe letter comparing poor Martha Stewart's judicial woes with the pass that Bush got on his sale of Harken Energy Corp stock in 1990 [1], suggests that the Dems start a cacerolazo over the issue.

Why did the story not take off in 2000? The piece cites a long WaPo article - still online! - dated July 30 1999 by George Lardner and Lois Romano on the subject - which ran, it says on page A1.

And putting a piece on the front page of WaPo is, as we've found out (February 10),
like writing a memo to the White House.

So what happened?

The parallel with the Sydney Schanberg allegations about John Kerry's misfeasance over the POW/MIA issue (work back from March 7 piece) is eery.

I'm fairly certainly folk have done work on (what I'm assuming was) the lack of a persistent Harken press pack in 2000, and I'd rather not reinvent the wheel. The symmetry is appealing, though.

  1. I'm not getting into the substance here. Mr Google readily supplies material: a detailed treatment from what looks like a Bush-hating site, a Guardian Q&A (they hardly like him either!) and a CCR summary (ditto).

    B&S cites a Centre for Public Integrity piece on the subject. Caveat lector. as usual.

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