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Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Who was the Congressional staffer Powell yelled at?

Colin Powell's outburst on February 11 at hearings of the House International Relations Committee (the WaPo version) deserves a mention. (We're known for not doing breaking news around here...)

In view of the extraordinary entertainment value afforded by his February 5 2003 (surely a day that will live in infamy down there in Foggy Bottom) performance before the UN Security Council (Oscar-worthy supporting perfs from Messrs Baradei and Blix! - the archives have the gory details), it's only right to record the footnote.

The point no one seems to have followed up is the identity of the staffer who got yelled at. Is there any particular reason of Congressional privilege that his name has to remain secret?

Perhaps we ought to put Drudge onto it. Or perhaps not...

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