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Thursday, February 12, 2004

The Vince Foster angle on David Kelly: it's not gone away, you know...

We are clearly here talking about the Mother of all Druthers. And being, in matters of forensic medicine, even less of an expert than in most matters discussed here, I am unable to verify the substance of the allegations in any way.

That said, six professionals are courting ridicule, if not career suicide, by questioning, in a letter in the Guardian today, the opinion in the Hutton Report that the death of Dr David Kelly was suicide.

There has been no inquest verdict on the death: an inquest by the Oxfordshire Coroner, Nicholas Gardiner, was opened and adjourned last year. Lord Hutton's inquiry was meant, as I understand it, to do the job of an inquest.

But there is, as I understand, no reason why the inquest should not now proceed in the normal way [1]. According to a piece in the London Evening Standard (February 6)
A coroner is poised to order a full inquest into the death of David Kelly amid mounting medical concern at the quality of the Hutton report.

It goes on to say that
In a key sign Mr Gardiner will rule in favour of an inquest, he is to convene a hearing at which "interested parties" will make representations of their views.

I had suspected early on that it might well be the Kelly family who struck the fatal blow against Blair. It never materialised during the Hutton Inquiry, of course.

But it's quite clear - and for good reason - that their animus against Blair and his henchmen persists.

As we approach the next general election, it becomes ever less advisable for Blair to be seen to be crapping all over a grieving widow.

There's a London Observer piece of March 3 2002 quoting the Permanent Secretary (top official) at the transport ministry, the DTLR, at the time of a ministerial crisis, as telling a colleague
We're all fucked. I'm fucked. You're fucked. The whole department's fucked. It's been the biggest cock-up ever and we're all completely fucked.

The piece ends with the comforting conclusion that
the Government is, contra Sir Richard Mottram, completely unfucked.

Not then. And, even now, not completely. Not yet...

  1. The Standard piece says that the inquest had been legally stalled to accommodate Hutton (under what law?), but that that prohibition would run out 28 days after the Hutton Report was issued.

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