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Sunday, February 22, 2004

UN bugging trial still on

Having mentioned Frank Koza yesterday, it's only right to mention that the trial of Katherine Gun, the GCHQ girl [1] is to start this Wednesday, according to the Observer today.

Since she is bang to rights on the facts - she did leak the infamous Frank Koza memo - she will be going for a necessity defence; which will involve requesting material whose disclosure would likely be vastly embarrassing to HMG. Like the full text of Attorney-General Lord Goldsmith's opinion on the legality of the Iraq invasion.

The prospect remains that the prosecution will say on Wednesday that it intends to offer no evidence, and that will kill the trial before it starts. On the other hand, the judge may be a safe pair of hands - who will deny any defence demands for disclosure, and pass the buck up the appellate chain.

The last intel-related guy to try this, David Shayler, failed in his defence. Gun, however, looks a much more appealing prospect: given the evident moral turpitude of HMG in the planned bugging of fellow UN Security Council members, the general reputation of HMG for failing to tell the truth, the dubious legality of the war in whose aid the bugging operation was to take place - and the fact that she's a girl doesn't hurt.

  1. Brought up in Taiwan, and therefore bilingual in Chinese (Mandarin) - as vanishingly few white folks are round the world, I suspect.

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