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Thursday, February 05, 2004

Trial lawyers kill the school boards

Or is it suicide?

The particular idiocy forces a Little Sir Echo routine once more: Joanne Jacobs has a piece on trial lawyer depredations against the school boards of Florida.

And the more chiselling there is from the ambulance chasers, the more lunatic defensive school-boarding there is. Which produces more law suits.

Guess which profession does best out of this arrangement? And guess which profession gets the political contributions from that first profession?

Now - I don't want to start anything. But do you think that that second profession has anything to do with the system that gives such massive scope for business to the first?

Calling Lord Hutton!

Oh, right. Forget it, buddy...


And another justification for the safety razor - and against the ubitquitous firearm: Jacobs mentions the case of the seven year old kid suspended for telling another kid he'd go to hell (or is that, Hell) for saying I swear to God.

Apparently, the local schools code of conduct prohibits profanity. But, surely, in ten thousand churches nationwide (probably more), there's a preacher each Sunday banning some group or other to Hell. And these are men of the cloth. Are they profane?

This chiselling lawyer-defensive school board thing has got to stop! Perhaps front-runner John Kerry would like to say a word...

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