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Friday, February 27, 2004

Taking a rest from altar boys, Catholic clergy fuck LA Times up the ass...allegedly

If it's true, another hole punched in the fantasy of objective journalism.

According to LA Weekly's Jeffrey Anderson (February 27), Cardinal Roger Mahony is never in need of Angel Soft when a Times hack is on hand.

Anderson traces to 1988 the feather-bedding that the Times has given Mahony on the issue of child-molesting priests. Notably, the incident where Mahony, his lawyer and his PR man sat in with the Times editorial board in 2002 to put them right on an investigative piece the paper was planning to run. The board saw the error of their ways.

He compares the Times' performance - unfavourably - with that of the Globe, Herald and Phoenix in Boston in covering the issue in their neck of the woods. Lack of competition in Los Angeles, he suggests, may make it less awkward for the Times to go along.

But, it seems, the Times is not unique. Anderson quotes William Drummond, a professor of journalism at the University of California, Berkeley:
If a newspaper can avoid an open breach with any large segment in the community, it will do so. It’s too dangerous...

I don’t think there’s any editor in the country that’s strong and powerful enough to tell a Catholic archdiocese to go take a hike.

Objective journalism? It ain't necessarily so...

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