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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Start made on re-editing the Director's Cut of the Hutton evidence

Not by me, yet.

It's going to be a pretty tedious job - but undoubtedly a necessary one - to catalogue the documents and oral testimony omitted from the Hutton Report which contradict his findings. It's one thing to know it was a whitewash; vital to have the compare and contrast in print.

Henry Porter has made a start, over at the London Observer today, mentioning stuff from the DIS's Brian Jones on UKIC doubts on WMD intelligence; and the interesting quote from Sir David Omand, head of Security and Intelligence at the Cabinet Office, that
Kelly needs a proper security style interview in which all these inconsistencies are thrashed out.

There are - on my very rough calculation - a tad under 1 million words of oral evidence; plus the screeds of documents on the Hutton site.

I've seen knocking around various suggestions of legal action - against the MOD for breach of duty by Kelly's widow; for judicial review of the Report by the BBC - and parliamentary committees (who scarcely distinguished themselves in this area first time round) are supposedly planning another crack at the whole WMD intelligence business - all of which I cite only to suggest that winnowing the Hutton evidence, tedious though it will undoubtedly be, is not under any immediate deadline!

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