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Monday, February 16, 2004

A sidebar on copy-editors

I'm no expert; but I'm fairly certain that the copy-editor on an American newspaper performs similar roles to the sub-editor on a British rag.

A little links dump on this fine body of men (I suspect it's mostly men) the correct technical term for which I have just learnt [1]. (Yay, me!)

A piece How a Copy Desk Works from The Slot - a spot for copy editors since 1995; a 2000 piece on The Disappearing Copy Editor; a report of a 1997 Poynter conference on copy editing; and a couple of other pieces here and here.

I cannot recall the role of copy-editors being discussed by any of the small but growing band of ombudsmen: yet these would logically be the papers' first line of defence against recurrent confidence-sapping scandals.

  1. No British-American journalism glossary that I could find online.

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