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Friday, February 20, 2004

Presidential contest promises second generation estrogen overload!

Way back on January 4, I picked up on a New York Times photo piece on various Dem candidates' daughters.

A couple of pics caught my eye, one of which was of the offspring of then way-down-the-field John Kerry, Vanessa and Alexandra (by his first heiress Julia Thorne).

Now Daddy is riding high, of course. And Vanessa got an outing of her own at a panel for candidates' daughters organised by Glamour magazine (NY Daily News February 20). (The lovely Elizabeth Cheney, late of the State Department, was also on the panel.)

Vanessa was vehement on the Alex Polier thing: she called it crap. The fact that, as it appears, she is almost the same age as Polier no doubt added a Eww! factor.

But what of this:
As soon as Vanessa finished, her big sister caught her eye from the other side of the stage, mouthing something and shaking her head disapprovingly.

"Who?" mouthed back Vanessa.

Alexandra cocked her head in Cheney's direction, again shaking her head, "No."

No capisco. No suggestion, surely, that Daddy Dearest might have enjoyed some coalition coition with La Cheney (she is blonde and, according to the tiny picture, very cute - is that a Rachel she's got?).

(Note to Drudge: that is pure, groundless speculation.)

Idea for CBS, after the conventions, assuming Kerry wins the nom: Nominee's Daughters' Tag-team Wrestling. Alex and Vanessa versus Jenna and Barbara. That's Entertainment...

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