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Friday, February 06, 2004

A pol with a heart? Call the NEJM...

Folks will remember how the very cute Alexandra Pelosi won all our hearts - and the future Prez's too - with her boys on the bus pic Journeys With George.

I liked her, OK...

Anyhow, now her mom (House Minority Leader [1] Nancy Pelosi) has got tear-ducts gumming up with a line of self-evident sincerity:
I wish I could take my children out into the rain, shrink them back to babies and start over. I loved being a mother.

WaPo is being all sneery.

But I suspect there are tons of Dems who would be only too happy to clap (as for Tinkerbell's restoration to health) to ensure Pelosi's return to maternal nirvana.

  1. I suspect she'd pick her kid's Bush gig over getting shafted daily (and not in the good way) by GOP mad dog Tom DeLay.

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