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Friday, February 13, 2004

Now it's Shafer on Miller...

Shafer (February 12) delivers a What he said to Michael Massing's NYROB piece on the New York Times' Judith Miller's WMD coverage (my piece of February 10).

Apparently, Massing and Miller faced off on WBUR (NPR's Boston station, or one of them) in an edition of The Connection. Shafer's quotes from this broadcast - he has clip links I haven't tried - and comments on them are most of what's new in Shafer's piece.

(He refers to Miller at one point as dissembling...)

The vital point in the Miller saga - that Shafer addresses, but not extensively - is the lack of efficacy of the editorial function at the NYT. He rightly points out that the fact that the Times has, it seems, taken her off the WMD case is no substitute for accountability, at all levels, for the dodgy material that editors allowed into the paper.

And the fact that it didn't happen on Daniel Okrent's watch is no excuse for him not to take a view on what happened.

[Shafer includes a pic of Miller, in a navy jacket and scarf - can you say air stewardess? Mousey hair in a page-boy cut. With that lot, Nicole Kidman would look dowdy! (OK, bad example...)

Not, of course, that one is considering the woman merely as tottie: the ideology of how a journo is presented by a media outlet is of interest. How many attractive young blondes are there in the White House Press Corps, for instance?

And why is the quality of the photography in these pics generally so poor? (I'm not saying use Annie Leibovitz, but I'm sure one can do better than the Miller shot within a reasonable budget.)]

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