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Thursday, February 12, 2004

Mozilla Firefox browser - well worth a try

Touch wood, the Firefox Beta (0.8) is a genuine step forward for IE6 users.

Stuff I've noticed in four hours' use:
  • The Ctrl + F actually works properly.

  • Flexibility in varying font size much better than IE6.

  • It reproduces perfectly the text of Moveable Type blogs which, under Tools>Options>Accessibility>Ignore font styles IE6 screws up right royally.

  • The Download Manager does not screw up downloads from the indispensable BNF Gallica etext site.

  • Best of all, the laptop fan has been silent all the time (the slightest IE6 activity sent it into action like a dozen punka-wallahs on double pay.)

Even XP prefers it!

I'm now awaiting the crash...

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