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Thursday, February 26, 2004

More on the fantasy world of William Safire

On February 23, I looked at a piece by ex 60 Minutes guy Barry Lando on various Iraq-related matters where Safire's allegations were, to be polite, against the weight of the evidence: on the Douglas Feith/Weekly Standard bin Laden/Saddam memo; the Mohamed Atta Prague meeting-that-never-was and others.

Now David Corn in Nation (February 24) takes another crack at the issue, with Safire's February 11 piece (reprint). Safire's piece was based on a piece of February 9 from Dexter Filkins (reprint) - but a later NYT piece (reprint) contains a USG denial of an Ansar-al-Islam/Al Qaeda link.

Again, my point is not to get into the substance, but to raise yet another case where the policy of the Times not to offer corporate corrections of factual errors in op-ed articles is shown up as absurd; and to illustrate the fatuousness of the doctrine of objective journalism.

Next stop: Daniel Okrent's piece in Sunday's Times. He's reviewing the situation, let's not forget, in relation to the Peter Landesman sex-slaves article.

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