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Wednesday, February 04, 2004

The Mighty Atom: Chapter 94

In an idle moment, and thinking to test out the new gizmo, I sign on to Bloglines - which, I find, reads Atom.

And the Atom URL slips down a treat. I get up the feed and - it's there. Those pesky dago accents and squiggles are returned as garbage, but the rest is there.

Except it's the blog as at January 23. To adapt Ronnie Reagan, Where's the rest of it?

Open the URL in a browser window, and it starts with a January 24 piece and then snags on a non-ASCII character.

It's experimental - what can I say? Courtesy of Bloglines, I'll keep it under review. But no play-by-play.

And the RSS feed - is working AOK. (Fingers crossed. Virtually.)

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