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Friday, February 06, 2004

Las Vegas: just like Bugsy Siegel left it...

The indispensable Romenesko is pretty much guaranteed to provide a couple of gems every day. At least.

And, to prove that the Wild West didn't go away - it just adapted - it has a hilarious piece from Las Vegas City Life (me neither) on the local rag, the Las Vegas Sun.

For those (like me) unclear how the land lies, Nevadawards, he gives us some clues:
In August 2002, the Las Vegas Sun announced a partnership with the American Society of Newspaper Editors to study ethical decision-making. The Sun seemed the ideal subject. Its owner, the Greenspun family, has interest in local real estate, hotel-casinos and other media -- which it often plugs in the afternoon paper. A Sun reporter recently applied for a public information officer position with the city of Las Vegas, while continuing to cover the city government beat. And its current gaming reporter is dating the chief deputy attorney general in charge of the gambling division.

The study was a great success:
William Woo, who led project and authored the article, wrote that it "is a clean paper with high ethical standards."

There's a punchline, of course: because Woo is
a longtime acquaintance of Managing Editor Michael Kelley. Woo disclosed in the article that Kelley "trained at the Kansas City Times a few years after I did, and I should acknowledge that we have been friends since."

So, if I'm reading this right, we can't charge Woo with deception; he disclosed his interest. And yet his conclusions were still meant to be persuasive.

I somehow think that's more worrying than if he'd kept quiet about his connection with Kelley. In the sense of it being less embarrassing to be deceived than invited (with every expectation of compliance) to assume to role of sucker...

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