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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Kerry/Polier: the murk gets murkier

Last time, we left the identity of the 1998 mystery caller on the Kerry residence as unknown.

Back amongst the Freepers, I find that there was a thread (seperate to the one I linked in the earlier piece) which kicked off with the Herald piece itself.

Two names emerge. The first is Kristen Murphy - who is, if I understand it aright - identified as the woman in this photo (Post #20 - photo no longer online, or on Wayback). It is then pointed out (Post #61) that Murphy does not fit the description of the mystery woman.

Then, Post #63 says
The woman from the 1998 story that was dropping off the resume was a 22 year old model from Harvard. Here's info from the Boston Herald:

We are told she is one Maria Goodman, a 22-year-old Harvard student and former model who, Kerry's people claim, was dropping off a resume.

That mutatis mutandis matches the graf as published by Kaus.

(So it looks as if the Freeper in the other thread had omitted the woman's name to protect her blushes! Whoda thunkit...)

Which leads me to ask, who is Maria Goodman? After finding that I am not the first blogger to whom it has occured to ask the question: Roger Ailes did so on February 13.

(And his is the only source for "john kerry" "maria goodman" on Yahoo; and on Google - except that, in the 20 minutes since I got to Ailes' site via Google on that query, it's suddenly (apparently) disappeared from the Google site. Spooky or what?)

The other obvious search, "maria goodman" harvard also helps not a whit. For an apparent striver like Mystery Girl, Goodman certainly keeps a low online profile! (Name change after the publicity?)

On the other hand, Yahoo People Search - which I seem to remember caught un-secret agent Frank Koza, of beloved memory - produces 200 Maria Goodmans.

Conclusion? Coming up empty on all counts, I think. Supreme annoyance at having to rely on (apparently misleading) copies of copies of news material on FR forums, because of the greed of Big Media; a blank on the substantive issue; the fundamental reliance of bloggers on the actual journalism of others exposed, yet again.


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