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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Kerry as Jimmy Hoffa's boy?

I'm having no difficulty at all staying away from the campaign right now, mostly.

But an AP piece happened to catch my eye: Hoffa - James P. Hoffa, to distinguish him from his crooked father - is eyeing up the front-runner:
He might not be there yet, but I think the more he campaigns, the more he realizes this entire election is going to come down to jobs.

Hoffa's cry, more or less, is Protection now, protection tomorrow, protection for ever! - and he wants the guy who will come closest.

He doesn't, I think, actually expect his boy to pledge to denounce NAFTA and the WTO treaties. But there are plenty of bilateral trade agreements in the pipeline (that the US is negotiating largely because the WTO process is pretty gummed up) - and the FTAA is in prospect, too.

Plenty of damage to be done there by a protectionist president: and he'd scarcely have an uphill task persuading Congress of the merits of putting free trade in the freezer.

Kerry supported NAFTA. But then, from memory, so had Dean, Jimmy's previous best friend.

Suckers abroad expecting a Dem presidency to be a return to internationalism? Get that Kyoto process back on track? Over Jimmy's dead body.

Promises, promises.

Of course, Kerry would scarcely find himself wearing concrete boots if he welshed on Jimmy. Now, would he?

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