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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Katie Hnida: how do girls play (American) football?

Katie Hnida was on the football squad for the University of Colorado. She told Sports Illustrated hack Rick Reilly she'd been raped and otherwise sexually assaulted by fellow squad members (resulting in suspension of coach Gary Barnett). A piece on alternative CO news source Westword focuses on the question whether victims, as well as alleged perpetrators should be named in public (Kobe Bryant being the locus classicus).

My query is, How can a girl take part in a rough old game like football when the rest of the players are guys?

Clearly, there are sports where girls and guys compete on equal terms (eg show jumping); some where they should (snooker/pool/billiards, darts, bowls); some where girls are handicapped but no harm can come to them from mixed competition (golf, tennis, cricket).

But football?

I assume this is all a load of Title IX bollocks. Was she doing the guys a favour by playing for them, and saving their sport from being axed? In which case (if her allegations are true), clearly they're bastards twice over. Was she the only girl? Because, like military and naval outfits, there's bound to be a proportion over which the girls have safety in numbers to be able to maintain some kind of discipline over the guys.

I'm still hung up about how a girl can play in the first place, though...

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