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Thursday, February 26, 2004

Jim Crow rules and the California Indian casino racket

Back on October 16 2003, in a round-up on the Indian casino racket nationwide, I mentioned a paper dealing with the arcane rules which govern who is counted as a member of an Indian tribe. Different tribes, different rules. Some use the blood quantum system.

Now, a Slate piece (February 24) avers, Congressmen want an investigation of the Ione Band of the Miwoks
which has grown in number from 70 people to 535 people since 2002

A casino with revenues of $185 million a year is planned. QED.

Will Schwarzenegger do anything about it? Has he the power?

If the racket did not supply such piles of wampum to the squaw-men legislators of the states interested (and what states are not?), perhaps there might be some chance of a remedy - a constitutional amendment negativing the sovereignty nonsense would be a higher priority than banning homo-marriage, one would ideally have thought.

However, those are mere druthers. The wampum will continue to be dumped into the pols' war-chests, and gaming Indians will live high on the hog, whilst their non-gaming brethren husband their food stamps.

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