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Monday, February 02, 2004

The Janet Jackson breast question - is that diva two-tone?

I don't watch - don't really understand - football [1]. And so didn't watch the Superbowl, where interference from Justin Timberlake caused La Jackson's right breast to break free of its moorings.

Over at WaPo, Style Columnist (whatever that is) Tom Shales is censorious - but as much over the adverts as the flash of Jackson mammary; on which he says,
there were reports that MTV had hinted during its afternoon programming that Jackson's appearance would be one for the record books.

I think we ought to see the rehearsal tapes...

Needless to say, the Jackson tit has done its bit - it's all over. What has achieved no coverage at all, that I can see, is obvious to me just looking at this pic from Reuters.

So mesmerised by the mammary have folks been that a plain fact has been overlooked: Janet Jackson did that show in blackface! Unless the pic has been photoshopped (and what are the odds of that?!), the skin of the breast is several shades lighter than the face. (I'm an espresso guy: but surely those who take milk with their coffee could name the Starbucks varieties each shade represents.)

What on earth is going on here? Surely not brother Michael's vitiligo - that breast is still brown, albeit a good deal lighter a shade than the face.

Perhaps the Lena Horne/Whitney Houston range of shades doesn't sell well to her segment of the market. Perhaps it's a trick of the light.

What I can't figure is why no one seems to have spotted that, last night, Jackson was showing a mulatto (or even a griffe) face but a quadroon breast!

  1. In Britain, American football. I don't much go for the British variety (in US, soccer) either, but can just about manage to explain the offside rule (which is the pons asinorum supposed to put female camp-followers in their place. Or did in the dark ages...)

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