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Tuesday, February 03, 2004

The Iraqi WMD intelligence inquiry - Moron Mike Mates is on the squad

Call it the Denim Inquiry - for the prime minister who doesn't have to try too hard.

The value of the Hutton Inquiry was the evidence it took. (Though the Report was an almost complete nullification as far as HMG was concerned, the evidence remains.)

The WMD inquiry under former head civil servant Lord Butler will, no doubt, render conclusions congenial to Blair - this time, with a modicum of credibility. But there will be no evidence disclosed to the Great Unwashed - except that excerpted in the Butler Report, and not redacted for security reasons.

And, as a token of the designed-in futility of the exercise, there will be Michael Mates, Lt-Col [1] Mates as he once was, to give the benefit of his expertise.

Mates it was, as a member of the parliamentary Intelligence and Security Committee - which looked at, and issued a report on, Iraqi WMD intelligence - who made the supremely asinine comment [2] at the related press briefing that there there was no such thing as
sexing up by omission

Ninth Beatitude applies, I think.

  1. The same rank as the supposed source of the 45 minute intelligence, the now rat-holed Dabbagh. Spooky or what!

  2. Piece of September 17 2003 discussed the concept in the light of the Hutton evidence as it then appeared, and gives some back-story on Mates. There is no piece online which reports the briefing, or even places Mates' remarks in the context in which they were spoken. Another example of the net's propensity for black holes in bizarre places.

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