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Sunday, February 01, 2004

Hutton Inquiry pieces - in convenient form

As something of an experiment, I have copied the less perishable Plawg pieces written in August to October 2003 on Hutton-related matters, and arranged them in regular chronological order [1].

I've put a link to the index page for the pieces in the left hand column, just below the archives.

(There is, I read at some stage, a danger that Mr Google's bot will discern a mirror site in such circumstances, and delist one of the sites; if he cans the main site, the Hutton offshoot will have to go, natch.)

  1. Idea for Mr Blogger: I see the merits of having pieces on the homepage of a blog arranged in reverse chronological order: you go to the homepage (or, as likely, get the latest feed) of a blog for what's news.

    But what in the name of Beelzebub justifies reverse chronological order for archives?

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