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Monday, February 02, 2004

Hutton: a bizarre artefact, no doubt...

Mooching around the Report [1], copying the odd graf here and there, I notice an unexpected oddity: a lack of spaces where there would normally be spaces.

For instance, in para 274, on p191. Copy the graf into an MS Word window and you'll notice the hard line breaks - that is definitely an artefact of the PDF-text conversion process.

But then run the spellchecker: one finds containedin - issuewhich - myterms and several more.

Now, I assume that the text was originated on some WP program - probably some variant of MS Word, and then converted into PDF. It's inconceivable that the expected spaces were not there in the copy as originally typed. How did those spaces disappear?

Another artefact? Or is there a sinister explanation?

I think you've an inkling what my druther would be. But what are the facts?

  1. The contents index page . The PDF version has the whole thing, minus the Appendices, which are documents already on the site. When I say Report, I mean the PDF version.

    Thankfully, the Acrobat pagination for the purpose of the Go To box is the same as the Report pagination - no need to calculate an adjustment number.

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