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Friday, February 27, 2004

Fetus is unborn child bill passes US House - with 47 Dems' support

On November 21 2003, I flagged HR 1197, the so-called Laci and Conner's Law, ostensibly designed with the narrow intent of protecting fetuses from harm as a result of criminal acts (within Federal jurisdiction), but of value to the anti-abortion lobby in introducing into the US Code the notion that a fetus is an unborn child.

HR 1197 passed the House on Roll Call 31 by 254-163. Of those voting for the bill, 47 were Democrats.

I suspect that most liberal Dems would vehemently oppose the bill (though there may, I suppose, be some Catholic liberals who would support - a category analogous to the old Jim Crow liberals.)

But, needless to say, they would have no difficulty in seeing Dem supporters of the bill welcomed back in January if a Dem majority House was in prospect.

(A point made, in the context of the homo-amendment, by Kos.)

It's two-party politics as (virtually) decreed by the Constitution. As American as apple-pie.

It used to be the case, in the 'Good Old Days' of the Solid (Democratic) South, that Mississippi (and one or two other states) would rather vote for a monkey than a Republican; it was equally certain that, had Mississippi managed to elect a monkey to Congress [2], nice Northern liberal Democratic members with Ivy League degrees would have been as rabid as any nigger-baiter from Dixie to get him seated!

  1. Except during the period running up to the Civil War, I believe.

  2. And you have to wonder how much scrutiny from the taxonomists some who were elected would have borne!


I change act to bill in the hed, though act is technically correct, I think.

Whether it can pass the Senate is problematical, according to AP.

The opponents of the bill had a good try at flushing out the ideological nature of the measure by introducing - and duly seeing voted down - an amendment (from Rep Zoe Lofgren) which would have created a similar crime but without the need for an unborn child definition.

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