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Thursday, February 12, 2004

The fascinating world of the Google artefact: Part 94

Checking, as one does, to see what magic words have wafted search-borne visitors to this humble blog, I note the dread acronym CCPOA coupled with the name Ina Arnold.

Who is Ina Arnold, and what is her CCPOA connection?

Well, don't bother to hold the front page, for a start: there is a CCPOA link - the minutes of the California State Personnel Board for December 7 2000 [1] mentions an Ina Arnold - whom it terms
Senior Hearing Representative, California Correctional Peace Officers Association
as appearing for an appellant, Terrance Wilson, in a case described as
appeal from dismissal. Department of Corrections.

When checked with the CCPOA name in full, Mr Google pulls out a total of four references to Ina Arnold in CSPB material, two of which are dupes [1].

Given the assiduousness with which the CCPOA defends its members, surprising, perhaps, that its
Senior Hearing Representative
should figure so little on the net. Searching on the CCPOA site yields nada.

Yahoo's People Search yields two Ina Arnolds nationwide - one in Sarasota, FL, the other in Gadsden, AL. What are the odds...

And that's it, folks.

(On the 1990 Census list, Ina comes in at #556 - just after Kelsey...)

So what gives? Ina found Mr Right, moved to Nantucket; or is currently residing in the foundations of some state prison or other - search me.

  1. A day that will live infamy? Hold those horses, boy!

  2. AllTheWeb produces 9 items - all similar to Google's; MSN, just 2 items, again similar.

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