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Tuesday, February 10, 2004

Des Moines police-state alert: DEFCON 3, people...

There was no such alert here, natch (February 9). And the facts are still far from in.

But I get the impression from today's doings that
  • the original assault on free speech was not entirely what it was cracked up to be by some; and

  • the Feds have reduced their demands since their action started.

However, we're still looking to somebody doing some actual journalism (rather than reading press releases and transcribing statements) to dig out exactly what the Feds thought they were up to, what they did, etc, etc.

Which is not to say that Bush isn't planning some kind of bureaucratic coup d'├ętat - he is, as he stressed to Tim Russert, a war president, after all - it's just that the doings in Iowa don't look like his first move as caudillo.

I'm staying tuned, though...

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