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Monday, February 23, 2004

Conservatives and the GOP: whatever happened to race?

Via Matthew Yglesias, a piece in the Moonies' house mag on the bleating of Christian conservatives about how little of their agenda they get pushed by the Republican Party.

Gary Bauer, president of American Values runs through a list of grievances:
The gay rights movement is more powerful, the culture is more decadent, the life of not one baby has been saved, porn is in the living room, and you can't watch the Super Bowl without your hand on the off switch.

Why isn't race on the list?

Too painful to relieve the days of something almost approaching hope, when the Michigan University cases [1] gave USG a golden opportunity to strike a blow against the Kafkaesque monstrosity of affirmative action, that surely no conservative adminstration would think of flubbing. No brief would have been O'Connor-proof; but the government brief that was produced was truly abject.

Don't conservatives want to get rid of affirmative action?

Not for the first time, I have to admit utter incomprehension.

(It's interesting that, after seven years of Blair's centrist rule, however great the cringing on the race - and, post 9/11, the religious - fronts that there has been from HMG, there's been no sign of any willingness to go down the AA path. )

And, what's the interaction between social and economic conservatism in the US? Economic conservatives must clearly be furious that Bush has let the dollar slide and the deficit rip: what's the cross-over between that group and the social conservatives?

Do the social conservatives perhaps tend to be the equivalent of the Jim Crow liberals, who voted a straight New Deal ticket, but were the opposite of liberal on race matters?

  1. That well-known alliterative firm of undertakers, Grutter and Gratz.

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