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Thursday, February 19, 2004

California: prisons reform bills introduced in Senate

[The subject last looked at here on February 11.]

The LA Times today brings news of modest and conditional progress: the champions of prisons reform in the California legislature, State Sens Gloria Romero and Jackie Speier, have introduced bills (SB 1342 and SB 1352) to create an independent prisons watchdog (the current Office of the Inspector General is not independent) and protect its budget (slashed under Gray Davis for obvious reasons).

Ranged against them are the colony of trained seals that surround them: all of them addicted to the fish thrown to them by the California Correctional Peace Officers Association [1].

One would get some idea from the fate of earlier prisons reform bills introduced in the era of CCPOA 'influence'. I'm not aware of any; but then, I haven't looked.

Strangely enough, the piece does not include the usual few words of blarney from resident CCPOA comedian Lance Corcoran. Surely that doesn't suggest that they're taking the Romero-Speier bills seriously?

Oh. I get it: irony.

  1. What proportion of each house are CCPOA seals I'm not sure. I've referred on February 3 to a site which logs contributions records for California state legislators. I was checking (without success) the record of CCPOA hack Assemblyman Rudy Bermudez. If what is happening is the CCPOA PAC is bundling checks, then I'm figuring that there will be no record.

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