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Friday, February 06, 2004

60 Minutes' Bradley goes head to head with New York Times

Ed Bradley goes on Larry King on CNN, to talk about the Michael Jackson interview amongst other things, and says that the Times story was wrong.

And that someone from the Times rang CBS to check the quotes it had, found Bradley was on vacation - and gave up checking!

Now, I have no desire to open the can of worms of the substantive issue. But, with a story like that, you'd have thought the Times would have used a bit of persistence. Like, y'know, asking CBS to get Bradley to call them (or was he communing with Eskimos or something? even then - satphone...)

Perhaps the Times even timed the story to coincide with Bradley's vacation... No - Grassy Knoll alert, surely?

On the Times story, Bradley told King:
I expected more from them, frankly. I mean, if I had a quote from an anonymous source for a story I'm doing at "60 Minutes," I couldn't use that quote without contacting the person who's quoted in that story in saying, this is what they say about you. We couldn't do that.

Now, the MO of Times investigative journalists is very much hot news (or is it? perhaps more later) - with the Peter Landesman sex slaves article under scrutiny right now (last here on February 4).

If the team researching the Jackson CBS farrago failed (sez Bradley) to do the very barest minimum to check their story with the guy they were quoting, what does that suggest about the thoroughness to be expected of the journalism of Peter Landesman and the editorial control of Gerry Marzorati?

Is Daniel Okrent (Times ombud) on the case? His leisurely, fortnightly, reporting schedule means we'll have to wait for ten days to find out - failing a special report.

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