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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Where's the basic Iowa info?

I can't pretend to have followed the Iowa campaign with any degree of attention. But I was intrigued towards the end, and interested in the result (the best piece of reportage I've seen was Daily Kos on caucussing in Des Moines' Precinct 63).

So I try to look at the results - the most detailed I've found being the Des Moines Register's county-by-county tally - and see what's what. For which I'm obviously looking information about each county, neatly packaged. The sort of the thing that a state that was First in the Nation - for absolutely no good reason whatsoever - might have wanted to provide.

There is the US Census information by county - on a map of Iowa, click on the county, and there are summary stats.

But there are no electoral stats; and (critically) no note of the towns in the county (unless they are metropolitan areas - not too many of those in Iowa!). This page identifies the towns in each county (glory be!) but provides no information about them useful for our purpose.

The Iowa Democratic Party's Caucus 2004 site is a disgrace: it was offline yesterday whenever I tried it; and right now, its main page is showing Kerry and Edwards tied at around 35% - because (it reveals) it was
Last Updated: Jan 19 2004 7:40PM
390 of 1993 precincts reporting

I'd thought that this would be a stats-fest: that there would be not only county-by-county but precinct-by-precinct data: and socio-economic and electoral data by precinct to make raw count numbers meaningful.

Perhaps I've just been looking in the wrong place. Or not hard enough.

But - given the millions of bucks of free publicity the Hawkeye State gets every four years from all this ballyhoo - you would have thought that Iowans would have made sure I wouldn't need to look very hard...

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