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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

Ultimatum to Chile: give us our coast, or it could be war!

That's not the Bearded Wonder talking, regular readers won't be surprised to learn, but the coca-growers leader and self-publicist extraordinaire, Evo Morales.

According to the ANSA wire (January 13),
"No lo descarto (un conflicto bélico)", afirmó Morales en declaraciones a la local Radio El Mundo, de Buenos Aires, al ser consultado sobre las consecuencias que puede tener el enfrentamiento con Chile por la salida al mar que reclama Bolivia.

On the other hand,
"No creo que lleguemos a eso, no sería bueno para los dos países", agregó...

The Grand Old Duke of York. Or Mr Dooley on Theodore Roosevelt's policy towards the Trusts [1].

My November 9 piece discussed some unflattering things being said about Morales: one might surmise, for instance, that he's talking about war now to spoil Mesa's trip to the Monterrey summit, and wrest back a little of the limelight he craves. Presumably, we're meant to take it as nonsense to cheer up his supporters, rather than a serious foreign policy appreciation. He was speaking from Chile, though!

Meanwhile, with the grown-ups, Ricardo Lagos has apparently managed to keep the issue off the agenda in Monterrey.

And Peru has said it won't stand in the way of BO-CL talks on the issue, and
en caso de que tenga que darla en función de que se tomarán territorios que anteriormente fueron peruanos, va a tener una actitud positiva.

All that according to the hirsute President Mesa himself.

Without the mild diversion of Morales - who, for some reason, I get to figure more and more as Tony Blair in blackface (well, brownface, I suppose...) - for his apparent addiction to adulation and publicity, the whole seacoast issue seems gripped by inertia.

  1. Last quoted here, it seems, in March 2003:
    'Th' thrusts,' says he to himsilf, ' are heejous monsthers built up be th' inlightened intherprise iv th' men that have done so much to advance pro-gress in our beloved counthry,' he says. 'On wan hand I wud stamp thim undher fut; on th' other hand not so fast.'
    There is, I find a Mr Dooley etext, Mr Dooley's Philosophy on Project Gutenberg. The Trusts quote is not in it, though.

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