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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Sad, sad tales from Iowa: #3

Having earnestly opined on the state of the candidates' organisations, it seems the media's assembled political hacks had none of their own.

Logistics, schlogistics! Who knew everyone would want to fly out of Nowheresville - oops! Des Moines - on the same day, and might have difficulty getting a flight?
"Half the state is trying to leave and we can't get out," USA Today reporter Jill Lawrence said as she waited in line.

Lawrence is a regular on the The Note dramedy: yet seems not to have the sense she was born with.

Hire a coupla planes? Drive to Chicago? Too easy...

(Register scribe Bill Reiter, you just feel, is loving it just a little too much.)


Lawrence - my curiosity whetted - has a USA Today bio. She's mid to late 40s, married with kids - just like pin-up of the blog, Dana Priest. But, whereas Priest's WaPo photo is great, Lawrence's is dismal: the hair is - Robinson Crusoe just picked up from his island. And a bit of rabbit in the headlights about the eyes.

I think - properly coiffed - she might not look too bad. As it is,
She may very well pass for forty-three
In the dusk, with a light behind her!

(Any excuse for a little of the WS...)

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