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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

RSS - no solution, but a workaround

It's happened before, and, no doubt, it'll happen again: the old short cut, going north to go south, round the houses: as I've pointed out before, we're still very much in the get out and get under era of the internet.

My apologies for testing the patience of RSS readers - but I can at least now offer a return to normalcy. Pretty much.

The new RSS/XML link you see to your left (as the tour guides say) is the Blogstreet link. Which works in my AmphetaDesk, so I suspect should work in most newsreaders.

There is a slight problem with the Blogstreet feeds: they don't update automatically - you [1] have to go over to the Blogstreet site and give the thing a kick. Metaphorically speaking.

This time, it's not just me, and has nothing to do with Atom. That I can see.

So that's what I'll have to do. Annoyance, yes; but a couple of minutes a go, so doable.

However, if I forget, the RSS copy and HTML copy will be different. I thought I should explain.

As for the not so mighty Atom, I suspect it's probably at the same stage of development as the helicopter - in the notebooks of Leonardo da Vinci...

  1. Meaning, me.

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