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Thursday, January 22, 2004

ResourceShelf Presidential Election - resources

For those not yet motivated to fill your Favorites list with the myriad goodies on offer, an excellent place to start is the ResourceShelf compilations.

The third of these is supposed to be found here. But, since the site uses Blogger, the permalinks are prone not to work (ha!) - so Find [1] on #3 and, as if by magic, you will arrive at the item.

The two earlier compilations (first and second) from November and December work (or don't) in the same way.

#3 has stuff on Iowa (including the Delegate Selection Plan) and New Hampshire, amongst other things.

The whole site is a treasure trove of goodies of all sorts. But it underlines the tendency that mooching around and stumbling across goodies by pure serendipity is going with the grain of the net; know exactly what you want and trying to find is - Mr Google notwithstanding - very much going against the grain.

It's still a rambling second-hand bookshop, rather than a well-ordered library.

  1. Ctrl + F, I mean. For the avoidance of doubt, as they say...

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