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Thursday, January 29, 2004

Primary turnout stats, VEPs and VAPs

Tracking down stats on the net is a bitch, as mentioned here several times before.

Looking at the numbers generally for New Hampshire on the newspaper sites (one or two of them), I could find no turnout numbers.

The United States Election Project has turnout stats for 2000 and 2004, state by state. The 2000 turnout percentage was 44% (on VEP - see below); according to this, the 2004 turnout was Dems around 220,000 [1], GOP around 58,000 - total; around 280,000). That last number makes a turnout percentage (again, VEP) of 29%.

Which, considering the Mouse That Roared absurdity of the First in the Nation bollocks, does not exactly scream commitment on the part of Granite State voters. (Even adjusting for the 2004 GOP walkover, and for the general statistical non-comparability of registration numbers - as described at the top of the USEP page).

Terminology: VAP is voting age population; VEP is voting-eligible population (VAP minus the illegals and other foreigners, and other ineligibles). I'd wondered what the right terminology was: this will do for the moment.

  1. Why in hell's name don't they give a total at the bottom of the votes column?

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