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Monday, January 05, 2004

Ombudsmen as displacement activity and misdirection

Once a week, the powerful organs of the media send forth minions to tickle the readership's tummy.

It increasingly looks like it: this week's piece from WaPo ombud Michael Getler is entirely consumed with the question whether interviews of Paul Wolfowitz and Anthony Zinni should have been run in the Style section (as they were) or in the A section.

Over Christmas, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution ombud ran a 2003 round-up with the most tediously inconsequential boo-boos been trotted out.

Whereas, to be done properly, the function needs big bucks and top men devoted to it, expecting and dealing with public criticism of all aspects of paper in question's handling of the news. It should be a USP for the rag that sets it up right. None is anywhere close.

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