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Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Now NBC compromised on Michael Jackson?

First it was CBS, of course, accused of trading an interview with the prospective felon for a special featuring his musical talents (WaPo December 27).

Now NBC is in the firing-line (NY Times January 21) for, supposedly, offering to can a critical Dateline programme in exchange for an interview with the primate-lover. (A deal that was never consummated, one might point out.)

From a brief scan, it looks as if we're in he said, she said territory. But - memo to self - bear in mind, just in case.


CBS had a spot of bother with the Reagan miniseries towards the back-end of last year, putatively linked with the question of FCC rulings on maximum audience shares, and Congressional reactions thereto - the November 26 piece has links, and links to links.

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