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Saturday, January 24, 2004

Most egregious Grievance Guff to date? Judge for yourselves...

A woman (apparently of part Japanese parentage) is bellyaching about Lost in Translation, the latest offering from Sofia Coppola.

It's pretty much a standard whine. But notable, I thought, was this graf:
The caricatures play to longstanding American prejudice about Japan. The US forced Japan to open up for trade with other countries in 1864, ending 400 years of isolationist policy by the Tokugawa regime. The US interned thousands of Japanese during the second world war and dropped two nuclear bombs on the country. After Japan's defeat, America became more influential in East Asia; Japan was occupied, not only by the US forces but, more important, politically and culturally.

Love it. Fifteen years of rapacious Japanese military expansion, Rape of Nanking, Pearl Harbor, Burma Road - airbrushed as neatly as Stalin's best efforts.

For all one could glean from the piece, it was the US that attacked Japan!

All the points one could make - the I bought the bank I cried all the way to $4 trillion GDP, the Japanese stereotypes of Americans (take a look at those Jap World War 2 posters, why don't you?) - kindly take as read.

And the Oprah psychobabble - guilt of a half-caste and all that jazz - I pass over.

Marvel and move on, I should...

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