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Tuesday, January 20, 2004

The link between honour and suicide-bombing

Over large swathes of the world - not exclusively the Moslem or Arab parts - the concept of honour rests wholly or mainly in the chastity of women. The men of a family in these swathes which loses this honour may kill with relative impunity the female whose deeds have occasioned the loss.

The rule applies with full vigour amongst Arabs in the Land ironically called Holy.

Except that relief is offered to those dead women walking - and from an unusual quarter: it seems that Sheikh Ahmed Yassin, the squeaky-voiced cripple who inspires the holy warriors of Hamas is offering such women a way to save themselves.
particularly in situations where a woman can carry out the assignment more easily (since she is likely to cause less suspicion at crossing points), and when the woman has transgressed moral norms...a woman's "sacrifice" atones for the "stain" she has caused to her family for violating moral codes.

It is not altogether clear how many fallen Palestinian women will be availing themselves of Yassin's humanitarian gesture:
Reem Raiyshi, the woman who blew herself up last week at the Erez crossing, was the married mother of two. Yedioth Ahronoth reported yesterday that Raiyshi was compelled to perpetrate the terror strike to atone for having betrayed her husband. Relying on IDF sources, this report claimed that Raiyshi's husband, a Hamas operative, knew about his wife's plan in advance, and even encouraged her to carry it out.

Now, this could, of course, be GOI black propaganda...

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