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Saturday, January 10, 2004

It's a Catholic slam-dunk...

It is (bugger the mixed metaphor!) a hanging curve of the Pope's head right over the plate that should go sailing over the Green Monster into the Back Bay [1].

According to a piece in the Wisconsin State Journal
In a decree made public Thursday, [Bishop Raymond] Burke ordered priests in the La Crosse Diocese to withhold the sacraments from Catholic legislators who support abortion or euthanasia.

So, they'll feed Christ's body to Nazis and IRA terrorists and the priest who's just been fucking your little boy up the ass - but not legislators exercising their conscience...

Will the Pederasty be condemned and shunned by right-thinking Wisconsinians and their representatives? Or will they be allowed to slip away under cover of a cloud of incense to continue rupturing sphincters in peace?

  1. Boston geography - E&OE!


I read that the Ku Klux Klan wasn't much of a force in Wisconsin - the Second Klan, that is, in the 1920s.

Perhaps, with more of the same from Burke, they might do better next time...

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